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In May 2022, I graduated from Lamar University with a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition-Dietetics. I am currently in the process of completing a 1000-hour Dietetic Internship program with Lamar and will graduate with my master's in Nutrition in 2023.

My interest in nutrition began in high school when I began competing in powerlifting. Along with training, I was able to use my newfound nutrition knowledge to add a healthy diet to my life, which helped me become a state, national, and world champion.

After graduating from the Art Institute of Dallas, I worked as a graphic designer for four years before starting a successful business. In 2019, I decided it was the right time to take my love for nutrition and pursue a new career path in dietetics. While working on completing this new degree, I have tried to gain as much experience as possible, including shadowing a local bariatric dietitian, working alongside a sports dietitian providing nutritious options to our schools’ student-athletes, and spending summer weekends working in the gardens at a non-profit in Waco, TX.

Through my dietetic internship, I have gained a greater depth of experience in clinical nutrition settings through working at two 400-bed hospitals, an oncology center, an endocrinology center, a diabetes education outpatient center, a pediatrics rotation, and working at long-term acute care facilities. At these facilities, not only was able to shadow the dietitians in my rotations but the Clinical Nutrition Managers (CNMs) and Director of Dietary Services as well and gain experience working with various hospital food service production systems. I have also gained community experience through university teaching at Lamar University, Nutrition and Services for Seniors, Women, Infants and Children (WIC), and child nutrition services in both small and large school districts.

Not only do I offer skills in dietetics and graphic design, but I also have seven years of experience in restaurant management and have experience working with an interdisciplinary team in a local long-term care facility. I strive to be a person who is dependable and hardworking and I believe my greatest strengths are my dependability, compassion, ability to work well with others, work ethic, determination, and getting jobs done and done well.


A perfect job for me is one where I am able to help others, have the ability to lead, and combine my two passions of creativity and nutrition together. I am a high achiever, deadline-oriented, and a visionary. I am not afraid to take charge (but am also happy to follow others' leadership). I enjoy an environment that works well together as a team, drives each other to be their best, and genuinely enjoys, takes pride in, and believes in the work that they do.

Working with Ashley Watson is refreshing. Ashley's integrity, professional excellence, and attention to detail are just a few of the things she brings to a working relationship. I would welcome the opportunity to work with Ashley again in the future!

Dawn Grosvenor

Brand, Marketing, and Publishing Expert


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