After graduating in 2011 from The Art Institute of Dallas with a BFA in Graphic Design, I set on to pursue experience working for both small and large companies' marketing departments.  From growing as an entry-level designer to senior designer and then to a business owner and head of creative, I have gained extensive knowledge and experience designing for businesses of all sizes.


Over the years, I have specialized in developing packaging design for major brands, led digital design teams, ran multiple social media accounts, designed websites, created targeted emails, shot and edited photography, worked on personal branding, received special training in flexographic print while working in a large printing facility and running prepress on numerous large accounts, as well as created many other creative pieces. I have management experience as early as the age of 18 managing a team of 40+.


In 2014, I co-founded an online company designing and creating transformational educational resources for teachers all across the world. I have worn many hats in this position and have a true understanding of how many things go into making a company and it's brand a success.


I believe we all have to opportunity to make a positive difference in peoples lives.  Whether it be buying someone a coffee in line, volunteering in foreign countries, or creating great artwork for companies,  I think the world, without a doubt, needs more good in it.  My goal is to leave a lasting impression through quality work, clear communication, professionalism, and my ability to work on your deadlines.  I enjoy finding inspiration both online and in the world and using my hand skills to make things and create art.  I believe that hand skills are important to keep sharp as they can add a fresh look to designs.  I also believe that design shouldn't be over complicated and find that "the cleaner the better" approach is often times the way to go.  Each case is different which makes what I do so much fun and I look forward to discovering what approach is best for you and your company as well.










Below are a few samples of work that I have done for previous companies and that of my own. To see more, select from the dropdown menu above. Please keep in mind that this is just a snapshot of the past 8+ years of work. If you are looking for a specific example of work and do not see it here, please send me a message in the contact form at the bottom of this page. Thank you.


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Beaumont, TX 77626

Working with Ashley Watson is refreshing. Ashley's integrity, professional excellence and attention to detail are just a few of the things she brings to a working relationship. For creative projects, Ashley has an extraordinary ability to tune in to core design objectives - not only for the audience segment she is designing for, but also for creative direction provided. I would welcome the opportunity to work with Ashley Watson again in the future!

Dawn Grosvenor

Brand, Marketing and Publishing Expert




If you like the work you see and wish to discuss business opportunities, please email me at ashley@watsonworksedu.com